Hi there! I’m Jenny and welcome to Jenny Set Go!

I’m am so excited to share with everyone my travel adventures and let you into my bubbly point of view!

I’ve spent most of my twenties in search for my dream job (aren’t we all?), but no matter how stressed out searching for it made me, I somehow always got distracted planning my next trip. Seriously, it’s a problem! Finally, it dawned on me that instead of searching for my dream job, I could do something even better… I could create it.


Urban Lights at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I hope this blog can inspire your wanderlust, possibly answer some questions, provide entertainment, give insightful tips, and start a conversation. It may at times be pretty blunt about my mishaps (they happen a lot)! I’m certainly not a travel expert, just a HUGE enthusiast! Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from experience, and I’m always willing to share my trials and errors.

No, I haven’t quit my job to travel the world full time (yet) and instead, you’ll find that my seemingly-luxury photos come from my great determination to find an awesome bargain to get there. While I wish all my photos of me traveling could be glamour shots… realistically I live in workout clothes the majority of the time, so don’t expect high fashion editorials over here.

I currently live in Las Vegas, and work as a cocktail server in a nightclub to help finance my wanderlust. Working in an international city like Vegas has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world on a daily basis, so I’m constantly picking people’s brains about travel.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and at eighteen I left to go to college at California State University, Long Beach where I graduated with a degree in Communications. I definitely left my heart in California, but then again, I think I leave it everywhere.

If I’m not busy planning my next trip or working all week, you can find me hiking, trying to make working out fun, checking out local restaurants/ bars/ coffee shops, cooking up a storm (especially with my Sun Basket and Blue Apron meals), drinking wine, watching Game of Thrones, planning parties for friends(baby-showers, holiday parties, date nights), visiting family and obsessing over my adorable nieces.

Bike riding in Portland

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Jobs fill your pockets. Adventures fill your soul.

– Jamie Lyn Beatty

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