Path of the Gods/ Sentiero Deli Dei : Amalfi Coast

The name does not disappoint on this stunning hike! The entirely of the hike gives you incredible panoramic views of the mediterranean sea, the island of Capri and the Amalfi coastline from far above. I literally had to pinch myself on this one… it’s that’s breathtaking!

We took the bus from Positano to Praiano, our starting point on the Path of the Gods. We stopped by a local deli and picked up water and sandwiches to bring along for lunch and then followed the road till we reached the steps that start the hike. Starting the hike in Praiano, you have to climb up to reach the trail… and by “up” I mean around 1900 stairs!

Once you finish the Stairmaster portion you reach the Covent of San Domenico, it’s a pleasant surprise all the way up the mountain. As well as seeing what seemed to be close to a hundred goats grazing around old stone ruins. The hike includes ancient abandoned houses, caves, forests, meadows, vines, hiking around the mountains (as high up as the cliffs), and ocean views the entire way.

All the way in the distance you can see Positano from The Path of the Gods
Pretty nice place to have lunch 🙂
Taking in the Amalfi Coastline

Since we hiked in November we were fortunate to enjoy the Path of the Gods without any crowds, in fact, we didn’t meet any of hikers along the way at all. Once we reached Nocelle, we had a short wait for the bus back to Positano. The hike took us about 2 1/2 hours and was moderate to difficult in some areas.

Pictures could never do this place justice!

Potato Chip Rock: San Diego Area

I love a good hike that involves enjoying the outdoors while getting in a workout… And this fits that description to a T!

This is an 8-mile round trip hike, the first 4 miles to Potato Chip Rock is an uphill climb with no shade. Be prepared! Climbing the summit of Mt Woodson gives you great views of Poway Lake, North San Diego Area, some interesting rock formations and ultimately The Potato Chip Rock.

Getting to Potato Chip Rock was not easy, but so worth it!

What I wish I had known before going on this adventure (or perhaps it’s better that I didn’t)…

Once you get to the rock it can be crowded with everyone trying to get their Instagram-worthy pic. Sometimes with a long line. We were lucky we went on a weekend day in October, so there were only a few other groups around.

And thankfully so… in all the reviews I read I didn’t hear a mention of the fact that you have to jump from one rock to the Potato Chip Rock with a gap and steep ravine in-between. Luckily a kind stranger helped catch us (literally) so we were able to get across… it was a little scary!

It’s unfortunate that the brief time on the actual rock is spent photographing the moment, I wish I would have enjoyed the view a bit more. And it’s a little rushed because someone else is waiting to get their photo too!

All and all if you’re looking for a calorie-burning hike to an awesome lookout point, this is the one!

Calico Tanks: Las Vegas

This is my favorite local hike. It’s fast, challenging in some areas, ends with a great view of Vegas and has some pretty cool landscape along the way!

Who knew that just a 25-minute drive from the hustle of the Las Vegas Strip you’d find Red Rock National Conservation Area. I certainly didn’t know anything about it until moving here! And if you do live here, Red Rock is something you treasure to get the outdoors you crave.

I’m obsessed with this tree you pass on the Calico Tanks trail

Starting at the Sandstone Quarry Trailhead, you follow Calico Tanks trail signs on this 2.4-mile round trip hike. The trail brings you through a canyon, climbing over sandstone slick rock (sometimes with natural stairs build into the sides), by the large natural depression which depending on the time of the year can have water, and then finally ending at the top of the Calico Hills Ridge. The panoramic view of the red rock, calico basin and even the Las Vegas Strip in the distance (just when you were forgetting you were still in Vegas) is incredible!

Sunset at the top of Calico Tanks!

This hike is quick, fun, and keeps you moving! My favorite is getting to the top in time for sunset…just hurry back down!

The Narrows: Zion National Park

Some of the most extraordinary photos from Zion National Park come from this unique and serene hike.

The river is the path for The Narrows

Hiking The Narrows (The North Fork of the Virgin River) literally consists of hiking in a slot canyon through water for the majority of the time. We did a more popular route, going from the bottom up starting at The Temple of Sinawava. Going from the top down requires a permit, more planning and more of a time commitment. Going from the bottom up, you hike as far as you please and then turn around and retrace your steps.

At times in our hike, the river water was waist deep, and you’re literally wading through it, which made it all the more fun! In the beginning stages, we saw kids floating in inner tubes down portions of the river (definitely doing this next time!). The rocks can be slippery and the current of the river at times strong, wearing proper shoes is a must! They also rent out water shoes with ankle support and hiking sticks in town, this is worth taking advantage of.

The further up the river the less crowded it gets, which makes it that much more worth the trek. The canyon walls were incredible contrasting the brilliantly colored water… It’s everything the pictures promised!

It’s worth hiking The Narrows far enough to see this!

Cathedral Rock Trail : Sedona

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Sedona area. Climbing to Cathedral Rock is exciting and gives picture perfect views of Sedona from every angle!

This is a short 1 1/2 mile hike round-trip but when I say climbing… It’s a pretty steep climb up. And while it’s totally manageable, I’m afraid of heights so I’d be lying if I didn’t say it made me a bit nervous at times. At the top, you’re rewarded with an incredible 360-degree view! It was so worth the nerves!

Top of Catherdal Rock Trail

At the top where the sign says “End of Trail” if you keep going off to the left you’ll get to the second saddle point see a close up of Cathedral Rock.

At the top veer off to the left to get a close up of Cathedral Rock

The way down is much faster with great scenery the whole way. It’s definitely best to attempt this hike when temperatures are milder–because there is no shade to be found!

The view coming down from Cathedral Rock


What are your favorite hikes?! I’d love to hear!

Jenny Habdas
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